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Building Business Credit

We would like to welcome you to our website and we invite you to take advantage of our time, experience and resources for building business credit and financing connections to obtain business credit without a personal guarantee.

We are advocates for the small business owner and have lived in your shoes so we understand the need for multiple options for building business credit. You can learn about our e-book clicking on the Building Business Credit link on the right. You also have the option of signing up for our free guide and receiving the exact same information contained in the e-book ($97 value). The only difference between the two is when you choose to purchase the e-book you are granted instant access to our Google Group where you can interact with our business credit experts as you start and continue with the process of building business credit!

We have worked with thousands of small business owners and each of their reasons for building business credit is different. They are all similar in the fact that each hopes to obtain business credit without a personal guarantee to use to help finance their small business.

Before Building Business Credit

1) I am a real estate investor and have missed out on a few outstanding opportunities because I didn’t have quick access to large amounts of cash.

2) We run a custom installed home theater company and bill our clients after installation and I now process receipts from 20 different sub-contractors for parts purchased.

After Building Business Credit

1) now have access to $750,000 in business lines of credit so whenever I find a great investment I can write a cash offer and access the money whenever necessary.

2) We now have over $100,000 in revolving credit at three different big box electronics stores and each sub-contractor has their own card so I can easily keep track of who spends what and my accountant is happy because we don’t have to reimburse the sub-contractors each time they purchase something.

Your business can easily gain the same type of financing by starting the process of building business credit. Don’t wait, begin by completing the simple form on the right.