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Aged Shelf Corps With Established Credit Lines

There are many benefits that shelf corporations can enjoy and it often makes sense for a small business owner to make the initial investment to overcome the following business credit problems:

*Many business credit vendors will require a corporate start-date at least two years ago and often three, making it difficult to obtain the tradelines necessary to build a strong business credit profile.

*The business credit bureaus frown upon a new business applying for a significant amount of credit and will often red flag it for future applications, resulting in an automatic decline on all future business credit applications.

*Lenders for business loans and lines of credit won’t even consider approving an application unless the corporate start-date is at least three years ago, often five.

With the right shelf corp in place, the small business owner will find it easier to save up on precious years of struggle and strife. Thus, instead of trying to sell you the idea of shelf corporations, I’ll share your options for having a shelf corporation with established credit of your own.

*Purchase an established shelf corp from a company for anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000. This will either be a blank canvas for you to start building corporate credit with the added benefit of corporate age, or possibly a company with established business credit profiles that can be changed into your name.

*You may also consider purchasing an established shelf corp with lines of credit attached for $20,000 to $500,000.We have yet to find a credible company providing such a service and we have found it impossible to replicate ourselves given the state of the current lending environment..

*The Best Option is to Do-it-Yourself by establishing a corporation in the exact same fashion as the companies you could use in the first option.

Complying with the persistent requests of hundreds of prior clients, we have made option #1 and #3 available. If you would like to skip the headache and hassle of going through this grueling exercise yourself, please fill out the form on the right and one of our shelf corp experts will contact you for a free consultation.

However, if you are the type of person who likes to economize upon the amount of money you spend and don’t mind doing a little legwork, we have detailed the complete process we utilize to establish shelf corporations and now make it available for instant download. Our proven formula works and we continuously use the same steps to provide our clients with the oldest shelf corporation possible for the lowest amount of money.