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Corporate & Business Credit Cards

The Corporate Business Credit Card is one of the best business credit option for small business owners and entrepeneurs alike since a business credit card provides flexibility and purchasing power. The business credit card also provides more lenient qualification requirements allowing almost any business to qualify for this type of unsecured financing, often times with no personal guarantee. Our FREE guide to building business credit discusses this in more detail, signup by filling out the form on the right. Whether you are a start-up business needing unsecured financing to get your business off the ground or an existing business that needs access to a flexible business financing source there is a good chance your small business can qualify for a business credit card.

Small Business Financing Options
There are a variety of sources and outlets for obtaining the business credit cards your small business requires and it is important to understand each to choose the option that best fits your situation. There are three weighing factors when determining which business credit card option your business should pursue.

* Personal Credit – If you have good personal credit it will drastically improve your chances of getting qualified for a significant amount of unsecured financing.

* Age of Business – If your business has been in operation and profitable for over three years it will open up the options, otherwise you will need to approach a business credit card company with no personal guarantee.

* Business Credit File – If your business has an established business credit file the options will open up tremendously and will often outweigh the requirements posed by the Personal Credit and Age of Business.

Best Business Credit Cards
If your small business is in need of immediate financing and you have at least good personal credit (680 or above), your best option is to choose one of the corporate business credit cards listed on our partner website. Each of these business credit cards provide the best interest rates, terms and instant approval where the others will take up to 6 months of preparation for approval.

Business Credit Card No Personal Guarantee
Yes, there are corporate & business credit cards available with with no personal guarantee. Visit our resources to learn how to obtain a Corporate Business Credit Card with No Personal Guarantee.