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You’ve taken the first step toward Making Your Business Dream Come True.  You have everything you need to build your corporate credit and turn it into Thousands of Dollars in Corporate Lines!


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Business Credit Success Lender’s List


You Don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company, you Don’t have to have millions in sales, and you Don’t have to give a personal guarantee, but you DO have to know WHO to ask and WHEN to ask them. 


“Why do I need the Lender’s List?” 


Did you know:

  • Once you have applied and been turned down, you can’t apply again for 6 months?
  • To successfully build your credit you need to borrow Only from lenders who report activity to each of the 3 business credit bureaus  – of the thousands of lenders out there, less than 5% currently report activity?
  • Lenders will automatically decline a loan if you have more than 3 attempts in the last 90 days?
  • Even with great credit, you need to know WHO to ask for an unsecured loan.  Your bank will still want a personal guarantee, and of the thousands of other lenders out there, many will still give you the old standby:  You need to be in business for 2-3 years before we’ll even think about lending you any money”

You only have 3 chances to get approved.  Can you afford to make them 3 strikes?  Can you afford to wait another 90 days or 6 months to try again?


*I constantly test lenders to find out who currently reports activity so you can build credit effectively!


*I know exactly who is lending at any given time, dramatically increasing your chances of getting the funds you need!


*Remember, my clients average between $25,000 – $250,000 within the first 3 months!


Remember, You only have 3 chances to get approved.  My Lender’s List will Make Sure All of them Are Homeruns!


Only $97


Remember, this List is worth Thousands of Dollars to you.  It’s the difference between Making your Dream Come True and falling by the wayside.  Why be disappointed when you can Turn an Investment of $97 into Thousands of Dollars almost overnight? 



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