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Building Business Credit E-Book Table of Contents

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Whichever option you choose, you are about to receive the education of a life-time that will walk you through the following topics.

How to Build Small Business Credit
Unsecured Financing with No Personal Guarantee

1. Properly structure your business to build business credit

* Establish a business presence
* Choose a business name
* Choose a legal entity and file appropriate documents
* Develop a business plan
* Obtain a tax identification number
* File licensing, permit and tax documents
* Draft operating documents for the business
* Obtain business insurance
* Establish business phone system and directory listings
* Establish an email and web presence
* Create business collateral materials
* Open a business bank account
* Setup accounting and record-keeping system
* Start your marketing efforts
* Systemize your business
* Run your business
* Keep your business in good standing
* Establish trade references that report to business credit bureaus
* Monitor your credit files and update references
* Obtain the capital and financing your business deserves

2. Things to think about before getting started

* Disclaimers
* Don’t lie on applications
* Don’t use business credit to circumvent bad personal credit
* You are most likely still on the hook if accounts go bad
* Difference between personal and business credit
* Benefits of using business credit in your small business
* Who should and shouldn’t build business credit
* What is the price for building small business credit?
* Pace to best build business credit
* Fix any inaccuracies in your business credit file

3. Description of the business credit bureaus and how they report

* Overview of business credit reporting
* Introduction to Dunn & Bradstreet (D&B)
* D&B file creation, scoring model, monitoring & disputing
* Introduction to Experian Business
* Experian file creation, scoring model, monitoring & disputing
* Introduction to Equifax Business
* Equifax file creation, scoring model, monitoring & disputing
* Introduction to

4. What business credit is available with no personal guarantee?

* Different types of business credit
* Different terms for business credit accounts
* Start developing relationships now

5. How business credit issuers and lenders view your business

* New businesses
* Existing businesses
* Time in business ~ business age
* Entity types
* Business types ~ industry
* Business address
* Business phone number, voicemail & directory listings
* Business bank accounts ~ balances, age, cash flow
* Inquiries on business credit file
* Business financials

6. How to get started, and started right

* You can’t buy tradelines
* You don’t need consultants or coaches
* Have your current vendors report
* How & where to apply for business credit

7. Goals you will achieve along with realistic timelines

* Overview and basic description of each tier of financing
* Financing options available
* Milestones reached & possible credit limit increases
* When to apply for business credit in each tier
* Timeline from tier to tier
* How to get approved, when to apply & what to ask for
* Banks that lend to small business
* Introduction to SBA loans
* Financing options for those with perfect business & personal credi

8. List of lenders that issue business credit without a personal guarantee

* Overview
* List of business credit lenders broken up into categories

9. Lessons learned by those that have walked this path before

* Dealing with customer service representatives
* Getting the most for your credit limit increases
* Why you sometimes should not dispute a negative tradeline
* Key to consistency

10. Secrets that the banks don’t want you to know!

* How to get approved for a business line of credit every time
* How to double, triple or even quadruple the amount of financing available for your business
* Getting the highest limits possible on your new business credit applications
* Getting financing for an automobile with no personal guarantee
* Secret to getting a CLI each and every time
* Easy way to create your own shelf corporation
* The best ways to fill out an application and common mistakes to avoid

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