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Stage One of the Business Credit Success Guide
How to Build Small Business Credit with No Personal Guarantee

Step 8 ~ Obtain Business Insurance

The last step in setting up the foundation of your business is not critical in your quest for obtaining business credit and unsecured financing but it is a necessary topic of discussion for a small business owner to properly protect yourself and your business against unforeseen losses. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t drive a car without car insurance and you don’t want to run your business without business insurance.

Having the right insurance protection is an essential part of the risk management system for any business and the options should be weighed to determine the right type and amount of coverage.  By filling out a simple form at NetQuote you will be in touch with some of the industries leading carriers who will provide their expertise and make sure you have the proper coverage while staying within your budget. At the very least, you might save a few dollars on coverage you already have and who couldn’t use an extra few dollars a month.

  • Business Insurance ~ Business Owner’s Policies (BOP), Commercial Property, Insurance for Lost Income, Liability Coverage
  • Group Health Insurance ~ Coverage for you and your employees where most carriers will allow pre-existing conditions
  • Life Insurance ~ Protection for your family, business, commercial and personal assets

The success of the majority of small businesses is centered around the active participation of the small business owner(s). If something unforeseen happens to cause an extended leave of absence the small business must often close shop.  If you have followed through with our advice, you now have the security blanket that will guard against this situation to allow your business every opportunity to succeed.

We believe in the safety and security of your business and ultimately you and your family.  Now back to the reason you’re reading this guide, setting up your business to build business credit.