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Stage Two of the Business Credit Success Guide
How to Build Small Business Credit with No Personal Guarantee

Step 9 ~ Pace to Best Build Business Credit

Before we get too far we want to make it clear, the process of building business credit is slow and tedious and it is important that you thoroughly understand and implement each step.  If you are patient you will be able to access any type of business credit financing with no personal guarantee.  If you try and rush the process or simply skip one of these first steps you will ruin your chances of obtaining business credit cards, business lines of credit, equipment and automobile financing.  There is a recommended pace to build business credit that if followed, will work each and every time.  If you stray from this proven method your business credit file might get red-flagged, making it impossible to obtain any new business credit.

It is easier to think of each business credit account as a brick in a wall.  The more bricks added, the strong the wall will be.  If the brick-layer hurries through the process you will end up with a flimsy wall that will likely cave at the first sign of any stress.  The same goes for business credit, by adding accounts methodically and choosing the strongest accounts will help build an impenetrable business credit file.  With a strong business credit file you will be able to obtain any type of business credit or unsecured financing with no personal guarantee, so it is worth the wait.

As a benefit to purchasing the e-book you are automatically granted access to our Google Group, which is your opportunity to ask a question and have it answered by one of our business credit experts.  Take advantage of our expert advice by purchasing the e-book now (see special offer). Here are a few questions we repeatedly get from members and both are important for you to understand.

How many business credit accounts are too many?
You can never have too many business credit accounts, as long as you regularly use them.  Unused business credit does you no good and if you never use the account you will likely always be confined to the same starter credit limit which will hurt your chances at obtaining larger business credit and unsecured financing down the road.

How often can I apply for business credit?
It is not necessary to apply for more than 2-3 accounts per month, except in the very beginning and we will share this later in the guide. Any more inquiries than this will set off red flags for the business credit bureaus and your business credit file could be locked, negating all the hard work put into building business credit up to that point. Even if your business credit files aren’t locked, a new business credit lender will often decline your application simply for having too many inquiries.