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Step 5 ~ Dunn & Bradstreet Monitoring

The most important aspect of building corporate business credit is to consistently monitor your business credit file.  It is important to monitor your Dunn & Bradstreet (D&B) business credit file because they are notorious for purposefully placing erroneous information on your report just to get you to call.  Why would they want you to call?  So they can try and sell you something in order to have the item removed.  Pay close attention to the next two steps to see how to get around all the hassle.

Once you have your DUNS number you can login to the D&B eUpdate website to view the current status of your business credit file.  If you don’t have a password you can either click Sign up now and start the barrage of sales calls or once again you can call the Entities Department and tell them you are having trouble with your eUpdate password.  They will verify your business information and will email you the password, along with start the process to having a fully rated file.

Now that you have your DUNS number and password you can login to the D&B eUpdate website and choose View Profile option.  Editing the file is fine, but realize the system tracks how many times you edit and once too many will send your information directly to the sales department and restart the sales calls.  We recommend you don’t try and get updates every day.  The D&B system updates typically only once a week and is visible on Sundays, so if you must check it every week make sure and try on Sunday afternoons. The same goes for Experian, updates are made on Sunday or Monday for some businesses.