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We are proud to offer current and credible guides to building corporate & business credit that when coupled with connections to the industries best small business financing sources your business is empowered to obtain the corporate business credit, business lines of credit, business loans and business credit cards available with no personal guarantee.

Our Mission is to provide the small business owners with the education, knowledge and access to the business credit and unsecured financing options their business deserves.

Words from the Founder of Build Small Business Credit:

Having been an entrepreneur since the 90’s and starting multiple businesses in a variety of disciplines, one problem kept emerging and that problem was the lack of liquidity and access to the credit or financing that my business desperately needed to take it to the next level. There came a point in each business that I was forced to use my personal credit to purchase supplies, fund payroll, etc. Not only did this feel uncomfortable knowing that my business was being hindered but also my personal credit was adversely affected to the point that I could not qualify for any more personal credit. In order to continue with business as usual it was necessary for me to research other small business funding opportunities.

Late one night I came across an article online that discussed obtaining business credit that does not require a personal guarantee. I thought, why would someone lend my business money without some type of security? As it turned out, I was amazed to find out how easy it really is for businesses to get financing and NO you don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company, NO you don’t have to have millions in sales and NO you don’t have to give a personal guarantee! All you need is the education and knowledge to do it, and do it right.

There is one caveat, the first thing I learned is that before you go on an application spree there are very integral, yet basic steps, that must be taken to have the success with your approvals. I went out and made the mistakes, fell on my face and now have the knowledge to duplicate it again and again with future businesses. I have amassed over $500,000 in credit just for one of my businesses, just think of the possibilities this would create for you and your small business.

My vision behind Build Small Business Credit is to provide the small business owners with educational materials that take the hassle out of the business credit building process and drastically reduce the learning curve. I spent countless hours of reading and sorting through all the complications that come out there in order to be able to offer you a simple process that can be followed to obtain corporate credit. My knowledge and experience in building business credit is now available on our website where you will find offers current, credible and best of all FREE information that when coupled with connections to the industries best product and service providers, your small business is empowered to obtain the financing it deserves without all the hassle.

I encourage you to find out more about credit building services we offer and let us help you in building business credit and getting your business access to the credit it deserves! Build business credit with the business credit builder.